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Now you have finally decided you want to have your own site. What would be the basic things you need to know about making your own site?

First, make sure that your site suits its purpose. Is it a personal site or for your business? Business sites are built more carefully than personal sites as the former would be prioritizing the potential visitors and target consumers of your site. Are you targeting old consumers? Then you would have to make sure the words you choose are very clear and not slang. Your colors would have to be conservative as well. Are you targeting the youth? Then make sure your colors are bright and modern. Your content must be refreshing and easy to understand as well.

Second, choose the colors that would represent your purpose. If your site is for business, then choose something that would represent your company colors. If your site is personal, then you can just opt with your favorites. Whichever way you go, make sure that your choice will not be an eyesore.

Make your links redundant. Helpful websites are those that have links on all sides of the screen. In this way, your readers and visitors will not be lost. You may stick with the usual style where the header is on top, links on the side, content on the middle, copyright at the bottom. This is the usual site design and is appreciated by many. If you ought to introduce a new design, try consulting a group of people and see if your idea will be welcomed by your visitors and is easy to follow.

Lastly, create and leave a strong impression with your visitors. Leave something on your website that will make them spread words with your friends for you to generate more traffic. It may be a story that will remain on their heads, a product that is very unique, a logo that is interesting, or a very warm service and appreciation of their visit.

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